Emerald Ash Borer

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Recently emerald ash borer has made it to Colorado.  It is important to know first if you have any ash trees (this insect only attacks ash trees).


Evaluate if they are healthy

Do they have value to you

Do you feel they are replaceable.

The emerald ash borer was found September of 2013 in Boulder, however, after infested branches were “dissected it was determined that the borers had arrived 3-5 years ago”. Many of the trees showed no signs of  entry or exit (such as the D-shaped holes that  we look for to determine if a tree is infested).  Based on the devastation that has occurred in the (mid-west) an existing emerald ash borer zone, it is conclusive that all untreated ash trees are at risk and a proper IPM (integrated pest management) needs to be established for each property owner in the Denver metro area with ash trees.  We recommend counting the total number of ash trees on your property, measure the diameter of each tree and determine if it is worth treating the trees or letting nature take its coarse and eventually cutting down, grinding out the roots and replacing the ash tree with another tree.

The good news is:

You can treat your ash trees and prevent losing them

We can help you count, diagnose the health, and determine an appropriate plan to preserve the trees you want to save!

We have three different options that range in price and level of efficacy



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